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#1 2012-07-21 02:55:46

New member

CSS conflict on IE7. so confusing

iam very confus about this,
on my website … ;Itemid=50
it's all right if we open from mozilla, chrome, safari, IE8, IE9
but if iam open on IE7 icon left menu out position  i don,t know why?? really make me crazy
on all browser except IE7 class css read with this #sidebar ul
but on IE7 iam try call with .ie7 #sidebar ul li
                                        .ie7 #sidebar ul li .item25 .active
                                        .ie7 #sidebar ul li.item25
nothing work with them.. i think IE7 not read with ID becaus iam try call with .item25 still doesn't work
please help me? brother...

thanks for your attention, sorry if my language not good smile



#2 2012-07-22 02:27:15

DebugBar Support

Re: CSS conflict on IE7. so confusing


The IETester forum is for IETester specific problems discussions and not html/css related problems.

I recommen to post on other forums related to css, like StackOverflow.

BTW, your problem seems to be related with the background-position css property, which is interpreted differently on ie7.
I didn't investigate further though :-O