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#1 2012-03-01 17:00:43

New member

Windows 7x64 trying New IE 5.5 and New IE 6 options DO NOT work

I am using IE Tester on Windows 7x64 Enterprise and a Windows 7 x86 with SP1 Enterprise with SP1 physical computers.

When I launch either New IE 5.5 or New IE 6 options, the program crashes.

I am using IE Tester version 0.4.11

I have tested the same version or IE tester on Windows XP x86 with SP3, and there are no issues.

The website I am testing is programmed to work ONLY with IE6.

By the way, doing the following within IE9 DID NOT fix the issue:

Internet Options -> Connections  tab -> LAN Settings -> uncheck : Automatically Detect Settings



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