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Welcome to DebugBar Wiki

2015-03-02 : DebugBar v7.5.1 released : Try it Now !

2014-10-13 : IETester v0.5.4 released : Try it now, it's free !

2010-09-15 : Companion.JS v0.5.5 released: Download NOW !

Work faster

This web site is for DebugBar community to get news about next releases, tutorials and samples on how to faster your developments with DebugBar, share experience, improve DebugBar usage, give suggestions, report feedback, bugs, etc.


The Public section is opened to everybody so you can give testimonials, suggestions and report bugs.
You can also help us by translating DebugBar in a new langage and get a free professional licence.

The existing DebugBar web site will stay to download the latest stable release as well as buy corporate licences.