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:: Console API ::

Companion.JS adds the useful Firebug "console" feature to Internet Explorer.

You can use "console.log(), console.debug(), ..." the same way you used it with Firebug.

Not all the functions are implemented so far on the version 0.2. The following functions are not yet implemented :

console.dir, console.trace,, console.groupEnd, console.profile, console.profileEnd

console.log(object[, object, ...])

Logs the message on the console, all arguments joined by space. The first argument may be a string with a "printf"-like format.
Recognized patterns are :

%d , %iInteger (numeric formatting is not yet supported)
%fFloating point number (numeric formatting is not yet supported)
%oObject hyperlink

console.debug(object[, object, ...])[, object, ...])

console.warn(object[, object, ...])

console.error(object[, object, ...])

Log messages with custom icon depending on the function used.

console.assert(expression[, object, ...])

Test if the expression is true. If so, the info is logged in the console.


Log the HTML source if the requested node.



Stops a timer created by a call to console.time(name) and writes the time elapsed.