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:: Change Log ::

2014-10-13 : v0.5.4

  • Added IE11
  • Option for new version check frequency delay or disable check completely

2013-04-02 : v0.5.2

  • window.external bug fixes:
    • Fix AddFavorite crash (wrong parameters)
    • Make "disable window.external" work
    • Remove popup window on window.external method

2013-03-12 : v0.5.1

  • Fix wrong language is IE6 instance.

2013-02-10 : v0.5

  • The Dev. Bar can now be positioned :
    • at the left
    • at the bottom of the IE tab
    • floating
  • Added Fullscreen mode
  • Added "Hide Ribbon" option (Ribbon can be restored from the system menu)
  • Added new command line flags for fullscreen and hide ribbon options
  • Added new command line flag for window maximized at startup
  • Fixed a major bug in the IETester engine, different ie versions should be much more stable now.
  • Note: This version is compatible with DebugBar v7.0+ only

2012-09-08 : v0.4.12

  • Fix deadlock on tab exit in IETester with DebugBar.
  • Improved installer to check if an old IETester version is running
  • Removed multithread option: IETester now always run in multiprocess mode
  • Added DebugBar button to the first ribon group for fast access
  • Make IE10 default mode for IETester app (Fix bug reported in the forum)

2011-08-17 : v0.4.11

  • Added new external methods for IE9 (IShellUIHelper4)
  • Enabled DebugBar on IE9 and IE10 instances
  • Added Spanish Peru translation

2011-04-23 : v0.4.10

  • Corrected IE10 bug integration in installer

2011-04-21 : v0.4.9

  • Integrated IE9 into IETester installed
  • Added option to run IE10 instance into IETester

2011-02-23 : v0.4.8

  • Changes to handle IE9 mode when IE9 is installed as default browser

2011-01-02 : v0.4.7

  • Added Spanish Argentina language

2010-11-04 : v0.4.6

  • In Place Folder navigation now working for IE7 instance under Windows 7(thanks to Eric Lawrence article)

2010-10-10 : v0.4.5

  • Corrected minor translation bugs
  • Added Azerbaijani language
  • Corrected bug in Open All window (IE9 was opened as IE8)

2010-05-30 : v0.4.4

  • Corrected IE9 launch bug (cf forum report)
  • Corrected duplicate taskbar thumbnail bug (cf forum report)
  • Added option to enable/disable windows 7 taskbar thumbnails per tab (enabled by default)

2010-04-21 : v0.4.3

  • Added option to run IE9 instance into IETester
  • Added Bangla language

2009-10-24 : v0.4.2

  • Corrected Close bug introduced in v0.4
  • Added menus to enable/disable features :
    • Enable/Disable Cache
    • Enable/Disable Images
    • Enable/Disable Videos
    • Enable/Disable Background Sounds
    • Enable/Disable Javascript
    • Enable/Disable Java
    • Enable/Disable ActiveX
    • Enable/Disable Behaviors
  • Added notification when tab crashing and button to reopen the tab
  • Windows 7 only : Added taskbar overlay icon when tab crashing
  • Corrected "Internet Explorer Options" not working in Multi-Process mode
  • Corrected "Enter" and "Esc" keys bug

2009-09-23 : v0.4.1

  • Improved tab closing to handle onbeforeunload event (see bug report)

2009-09-21 : v0.4

  • Added "Administrator" info on the window title when IETester is launched as admin (Vista and Windows 7 only).
  • Added multi-process architecture. With this option, each tab is launched in a new process.
  • Added Aero Peek feature on Windows 7.
  • Corrected several bugs on tab close

2009-07-24 : v0.3.5

  • Added weekly check for new version
  • IETester is now working on Windows 7 (yet not very stable)
  • Corrected uninstall bug

2009-07-17 : v0.3.4

  • Added "Text Size" menu
  • Added Ctrl+L / Alt+D / F6 to select address bar of current tab

2009-05-10 : v0.3.3

  • Implemented "window.external" feature
  • Added transparency support for IE5.5

2009-03-24 : v0.3.2

  • Corrected DebugBar positioning
  • Added IE8 final and removed IE8 RC1

2009-03-18 : v0.3.1

  • DebugBar can be opened into IETester (DebugBar v5.2.1 or more needed)
  • Corrected thread deadlock bug on "window.close" handling (reported here)
  • Added Ctrl++ / Ctrl+- / Ctrl+0 to handle zoom using shortcut keys
  • Added "Close All Tabs" icon to ribbon bar (Ctrl+Alt+W keyboard shortcut)
  • Added "Close all open tabs except active" icon to ribbont bar (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W / Ctrl+Alt+F4 keyboard shortcuts)
  • On the "Open All version", availability to choose which ie tab version to open
  • Added "View Source" dialog (need DebugBar) (Ctrl+U keyboard shortcut)

2009-02-16 : v0.3

  • Added some new languages (like Uyghur)
  • Added Command line arguments
  • Added zoom feature
  • Added CTRL+W shortcut to close tabs
  • Added IE8 RC1 and removed IE8 beta 2
  • Revamped ribbon interface
  • Added button to open an url in all versions
  • XP with IE6 installed now have IE7 instance (not yet working very well, a lot of bugs, will improve in future releases)
  • Corrected "Web Search" box cue banner truncated bug.
  • Corrected web page flickering when IETester resized
  • Corrected thread synchro bug when tab closed
  • Corrected javascript window.close bug
  • Improved thread handling
  • Corrected Tab crashes when press 'enter' bug

2008-09-07 : v0.2.3

  • Corrected limitation on the address bar
  • Corrected minor bugs (IE print feature crash) that improve stability
  • Added Print & Print preview entries
  • Added IE8 beta 2 and removed IE8 beta 1

2008-05-27 : v0.2.2

  • Added Search Box (Ctrl+E or Ctrl+K shortkeys)
  • Customizable Homepage
  • Added shortkeys : F5/Ctrl+R for Refresh ; Ctrl+F5 for Complete Refresh
  • Added a "Refresh Complete" menu entry to bypass cache on refresh
  • Added "Refresh All" menu entries
  • Corrected drop-down select bug on IE7
  • Corrected small icons for ribbon buttons
  • Added numerous translations

2008-04-22 : v0.2.1

  • Corrected bugs that improve stability
  • Added translations
  • IETester can now be launched under XP without SP2. Custom versions are still disabled but this is a first step for a full release on XP.

2008-03-20 : v0.2

  • Added IE7 and IE8 beta 1 instances
  • showModalDialog is now working
  • Context menu working on IE6 and IE5.5 instances
  • Corrected minor bugs

2008-02-29 : v0.1.3

  • XP styles working for IE6 and IE7 instances

2008-02-25 : v0.1.2

  • Add the "Internet Options" dialog
  • Conditional comments are now working

2008-02-19 : v0.1.1

  • IETester is now working under Windows XP SP2

2008-02-18 : v0.1

  • First release of IETester for Vista with IE6 and IE5.5