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:: Testimonials ::

Version 0.5 is a huge improvement of this already fantastic tool - especially regarding stability. Wish there were some way of donating without using Paypal.

Christian Aarfing

This is amazing, I've been looking for a tool like this for a long time.

Ryan Smith

Awesome tool!

Marghoob Suleman.

A dream come true for CSS developers!

Rod S.

I was it possible that a DEBUG bar doesn't have a javascript DEBUGGER???. It is kind of funny...not to say annoying.

Federico Fernandez

Thanks it's a brilliant tool and now I can use it at home for personal use as well :-)

Paul Duncan

In the first few days of using the DebugBar I have easily saved several hours of work (and made it possible to get a build into production by a deadline that I would have otherwise missed). It is an EXCELLENT tool.

Brett - Valtech Technologies

This thing rocks my socks. "Hero" is what I have named the developer.

Chris Carpita

Great solution when developing in the IE environment.


I've only just started using this, but it looks like the business. It accurately shows my page working in IE7 and breaking in IE6... now on to the debugging :-)


'' Arien! First the french gave us the statue of liberty, now this! C'est Bon alhors!!!''


''Thank you very much. (Emulations IE5.5, IE6, IE7 work fine on XP pro SP1, IE6 native configuration)''

Kamel BS

IETester is a great idea. Unfortunately, it does not work as nicely as I hoped. It has crashing issues, very limited developer functionality, and no error reporting to name a few things. I will try IE Collection next.

Sean Bean