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:: Debug Bar Change Log ::

2015-03-02 : v7.5.1

  • Fix focus bug when highlighting a DOM element

2015-02-28 : v7.5

  • Resize menu also handles the bottom docked position

2014-11-11 : v7.4

  • Menu entry to open the page on IETester IE11

2014-08-23 : v7.3.3

  • Fix "IETester not found" bug when trying to start IETester from DebugBar menu on win7+ systems

2014-03-03 : v7.3.2

  • "Inspect Element with DebugBar" menu item now works in 64 bits mode

2013-11-11 : v7.3.1

  • Fix DebugBar v7.3 Compatibility bug with IETester

2013-11-03 : v7.3

  • DebugBar 64 bit version
  • Compatible with new Enhanced Protected Mode on IE11
  • Numerous bug fixes

2013-08-24 : v7.2

  • Removed Text Nodes in DOM Tree

2013-07-14 : v7.1.1

  • Fixed installer bug.

2013-07-13 : v7.1

  • Improved Network information per request including timeline per page
  • Dropped support for Windows 2000 ( Windows XP is required for DebugBar 7.1+)

2013-04-06 : v7.0.2

  • Fix crash due to a bug introduced in v7.0.1 in Developer Bar

2013-03-10 : v7.0.1

  • Fix floating DebugBar window title and icon
  • Fix focus bug in Developer bar

2013-02-10 : v7.0

  • The Dev. Bar can now be positioned :
    • at the left
    • at the bottom of the IE tab
    • floating
  • Note: This version is compatible with IETester v0.5+ only

2012-10-08 : v6.4

  • Fixed bug with the target feature and hightlight element when zoom is not 100%.
  • Improved har export to har v1.2 (in beta).

2012-09-08 : v6.3.1

  • Fix syntax coloring on css link nodes.
  • Fix syntax coloring on css style nodes.
  • Fix deadlock on tab exit in IETester with DebugBar.
  • "Inspect Element" feature fully working with IETester.

2012-08-07 : v6.3

  • Added "Inspect Element with DebugBar" option in IE context menu
  • Fixed a rare crash on process exit
  • Fixed a rare crash on tab close (reported in the forum)
  • Added automatic check for new version
  • Minor improvement of the network layer
  • Removed flickering during DebugBar resize

2012-06-20 : v6.2

  • Revamped the target feature and hightlight element, which shows margin/padding/border now (IE9+)
  • Improved Layout tab, adding more information and better design.

2012-04-29 : v6.1

  • Added syntax coloring of IE9 and IE10 html/css changes
  • Greatly improved speed of "Style" and "Computed style" tabs on IE9+ versions.
  • Added extended options on the DOM Tree menu:
    • Copy link of the node
    • Open link of the node to a new tab
    • Delete node

2012-02-03 : v6.0.1

2012-01-22 : v6.0

  • Revamped interface
  • It's now possible to edit html source code and computed CSS code of the currently selected node
  • Added Ctrl+Enter on script console as a shortcut to execute the javascript
  • Resize Windows feature (in DebugBar Toolbar) now working in protected mode
  • Added IETester menu entry for IE9 and IE10 in DebugBar Toolbar
  • Added Pashto language option
  • License changes

2010-03-15 : v5.4.1

2010-03-04 : v5.4

  • Corrected bug in Layout panel (offsetTop and offsetLeft are switched)
  • Added support for "application/json" content type
  • Added error information in the "Info & Cache" tab

2009-07-21 : v5.3

  • Added a "Copy URL" to the HTTP context menu
  • Added export feature to HTTP requests using HTTP Archive Format (feature not available for IETester)
  • On "Info" tab, the "Download Time" and "Rendering Time" are now in milliseconds.
  • Corrected unicode bug

2009-03-24 : v5.2.2

  • Corrected attribute edit not working in the DOM tab for IETester
  • Added new IE8 css attributes handling (border-spacing , caption-side , empty-cells , quotes , orphans , widows, counter-increment , counter-reset , outline , outline-color , outline-style , outline-width

2009-03-18 : v5.2.1

  • Removed useless debug popup window
  • DebugBar can now be opened into IETester (IETester v0.3.1 or more needed)
  • Corrected Debugbar Search bug introduced in v5.2

2009-02-23 : v5.2

  • Corrected minor internal bug in http requests handler
  • Toolbar layout is now fully customizable (buttons can be moved/removed the way the user wants)
  • Added toolbar button to open current URL into IETester

2008-08-29 : v5.1.1

  • Corrected Rendering mode toolbar icon not properly initialized when options dialog closed
  • Removed some strings not used anymore
  • Corrected crash with IE8 beta 2 : This version IS NOT compatible with IE8 beta 1 anymore.

2008-07-22 : v5.1

  • Added a menu displaying the rendering engine used by page and frames (quircks mode, IE7 mode, IE8 mode)
  • Corrected a bug when copying hex code from the color picker
  • Corrected a unused dll dependency in win 2000
  • Added "/S" option to the installer that makes install silent

2008-03-19 : v5.0.2

  • Corrected bug in the Registration
  • Updated Japanese language

2008-03-14 : v5.0.1

  • Corrected crash in post data parsing due to unicode changes

2008-03-07 : v5.0

  • Greatly improved DOM tab : for each element, get the applied styles, computed style, layout and attributes
  • Fully unicode and handling international characters
  • Added Rendering page time in the Info tab
  • Numerous code optimizations
  • New and updated langages

2007-09-19 : v4.1.1

  • Corrected a crash ocurring occasionaly with external files (Reported and analyzed by Glyn, Many thanks for his help).
  • Updated Czech langage version for DebugBar 4.1 by Miloš Vysoký

2007-07-27 : v4.1

  • Greatly improved HTTP(S) tab : get all HTTP(S) requests grouped by page with headers, timing and cache info, as well as AJAX requests
  • Improved "Resize IE window menu" with DebugBar left panel handled in the size
  • Autoscroll when selecting a dom node to display it
  • Vista styles on Microsoft Vista
  • Many new langages

2006-11-21 : v4.02

  • Correct a minor bug in the HTTP display tab

2006-11-17 : v4.01

  • Correct a conflict with Google Desktop IE plugin (Reported and analyzed by David, Many thanks for his help)

2006-10-13 : v4.0

  • Connexion with CSE HTML Validator and Tidy validator to validate the html code of the current page.
  • Keyword shortcuts : Alt+S opens the source code dialog, Alt+D opens/closes the developer bar, Alt+G puts the cursor on the google search
  • Choice between PNG and JPEG format to email IE screenshot
  • Fast access menu to source code of the main page and frames/iframes
  • Revamped source code window with easy and fast search feature
  • Preview of main attributes in the DOM tree for an easier browsing
  • Information about the rendering mode : quircks or standard
  • A lot of speed improvements
  • Major DOM tree corrections and improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

2004-12-20 : v3.1

  • Resize the IE Window using a menu
  • CSS style selection in the DOM tree allows you to view the style attributes in the attributes list, to modify them and view the change directly in the current page !
  • XP Styles support
  • The DebugBar now supports 3 new languages :
    • German (thanks to Martin Specht)
    • Russian (thanks to Paul Colomiets)
    • Ukrainian (thanks to Paul Colomiets)
  • Speed improvements
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Compatibility changes for XP SP2

2004-08-18 : v3.0

  • Handle Frames/iFrames with the zoom on the web page !
  • Make a screenshot of the ENTIRE web page (including hidden scrolling parts) ! (Not available on web pages with framesets)
  • Frames/iframes support
    • Frame/iFrame documents shown in the DOM tree
    • Elements inside frames/iframes retrieved with the Finder Tool
    • A tree of the frames/iframes is displayed in the JScript tab with all the JScript functions defined in each frame/iframe
  • Activate HTTPS headers by default
  • Display HTTP/S redirect, with a different color for an easy view
  • Improved POST request data display

2004-01-26 : v2.0

  • Zoom
  • Get script errors notifications with and send screen capture with useful information for debugging syntax coloring for HTML, Javascript, VBScript and CSS
  • View HTTPS headers

2003-09-01 : v1.0

  • First release of the DebugBar with Dom Inspector, Javascript inspector, Javascript console, Http header viewer, etc...