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:: Toolbar ::

The toolbar, on the top on the Internet Explorer window, gives you new and cool features that simplify and let you go faster on the usual tasks on the Net:

This button opens a menu which let you go to some useful pages of this site..

The entry "Customize the DebugBar" allows you to customize the DebugBar to your needs.

This button switch on and off the Development bar display.
This button notifies you about a script error execution on the current page.

When the button gives you a notification error, you can click on it to display a dialog box with script error information and send an email directly from this dialog box with useful information for developers to correct the problem.

This button allows you to send an email with the current Web Page screenshot attached to it.

A default email is created (you can modify text in the DebugBar options) and the screenshot is automatically compressed and attached to your email, ready to be send !

This button allows you to find any color code (by getting Hex and RGB value of the color) in a web page and even anywhere on the screen !

You need to keep the left button down to navigate on the screen and get the color information of the pixel behind the mouse cursor.

When you release the mouse button, the capture stops and the Hex value of last selected color is copied into the clipboard ready to be paste !

Opens a menu to resize IE to some standard screen resolutions
Using this combo box you can zoom IN/OUT the current HTML Page !
This button opens a menu with all the html documents in the page, and show the source code when one entry is selected.
This button opens a dialog box with the list of all Internet Explorer ActiveX instances used by all the system :

Some programs, like Outlook, Yahoo Messenger, are using the Internet Explorer ActiveX.

This tools gives you access to get the URL and the HTML source code of the pages used by thoses software programs.

Finally, the button allow you to close the dialog box and download the url into the current Internet Explorer window : NOTICE : this features doesn't work for all the programs on the system !

This entry allows you to search directly with your prefered search engine (default is Google).

You can change for you favorite search engine, as this feature is customizable.

This entry will highlight on the Web Page the word entered in the textbox.