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New: You can now use the Forum to send suggestions and discuss them with the community.

You can add here all the features you would like to have on future versions:


  • Allow DebugBar to unpin from IE and to make it floating, or to pin it at the bottom instead of the left.

S. Stock (I'm using DebugBar v4.1b2)

  • I would like to have a filter on tab http(s) : something like show all requests | show xhtml-requests only

We will try to add it in a future release

  • I would like to have the logging of http traffic always enabled even if Debugbar is not visible. Very often I wanted to see which files were loaded, but had debugbar closed... So I had to open it and then to reload the complete page.

Hmm... You are right, but I don't know if I will be able to add it on a future release (not technically difficult, but a lot of work). I will keep you informed through the wiki.


  • Add W3C validators
  • Implement the ability to select what buttons to show in the DebugToolbar : Added in DebugBar v5.2

Scheduled for some day, but not priority so far...

S. Bilodeau

  • I would like to have the ability to filter out some warning/error types in the HTML Checker at Russian Accent (right-click - don't show warnings/errors of this type) because sometimes I have like 2000 warnings that say "missing alt attribute" and I have to scroll through this to find the 2 or 3 other problems I want to fix. Thanks!

Ivan - 2009-02-26

  • The ability to change an element's style right from the Style tab instead of Attributes.

CSS editing is scheduled in a future release. (already requested in this page and a lot of thimes in the forum...)

Meel - 2011-11-14

  • The ability to see function definition file.


FremyCompany say:

  • JavaScript Object Inspector (like FireBug)
  • Possibility of executing a multi-line code in the console
  • Remove the "A new version of...." advertice remplacing all operation on the console
  • Add support for BreakPoint + BREAK-ON-ERROR option (true/false)
  • Detect all variables of the function when a break is active

Nazir Khan:

I am unable to modify the text, for ex: I have the following code in my web page, i could not able to modify "This is text"

<SPAN title="This is title">This is text</SPAN>

This feature is scheduled in future versions. Stay tuned !

  • integrate Compagnon.JS into debugbar

Right... I could add this to debugbar installer to install Companion.JS as an option. I will try to integrate that on the next release.

  1. If you have searching functionality in the script tab, it will be very helpful to find a script from the huge list

like how firebug is doing, need to find a specific function or variable from entire scripts

  1. need to check whether any function is duplicated(by name),
  2. Sort the javascript function list by name
  3. If i click on a javascript function(in script tab) it should tell me the file(javascript file) name which contains that function

Thansk for the feedback. The script tab will be enhanced in the future. So your tips should be implemented in a future release !

If Css editing will work as in developer toolbar in firefox, i will build a statue for your tribute :) For now the limitations are: 1) Not possible to add attrs to css 2) Changes not visible in realtime (pressing [enter] required) 3) Attrs presented in list, not as pure text

Anyway, thanks for the only reasonable development support for IE

CSS editing is scheduled in a future release. I just need to find out some time to develop it...