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:: Installing ::

In this document you'll find detailed instructions on how to install and run Companion.JS.


Download and run the Companion.JS installer.

A Microsoft Script Debugger Engine

In order to work, Companion.JS needs a Microsoft Script Debugger Engine.
If you have one of the following software installed, you will already have this component installed :

  • MS Script Debugger (scd10en.exe)
  • MS Office (Setup Group: Office Tools/HTML Source Editing/Web Scripting)
  • MS Visual Studio
  • Platform SDK
  • Remote Components Setup

If you don't one of those components installed, you can install the free Microsoft Script Debugger. It is free but cannot be redistributed, that's why it is not included in Companion.JS installer.

Internet Explorer

You'll need to tell Internet Explorer to enable the javascript debugger :

In Tools > Internet Options, select the Advanced tab and make sure to un-tick both check boxes:

  • Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)
  • Disable script debugging (Others)

You are set! You can check Companion.JS at work by visiting this dummy page.

Trouble shooting


If you want to make sure that CJS is properly installed go to Tools > Toolbars > Explorer Bar, Companion.JS should be there (and can be called from there as a matter of fact).


If Companion.JS is not working, you can check its status by going to the About Box. Then you can copy/paste the information text and ask for some help on the forum.

BHO not registered

If the Companion.JS BHO is not registered (check this forum thread for more info), you can use this registry file to manually create the registry keys for the BHO.

Don't forget to change the file path to the CompanionJS.dll in this file : The current value is C:\\Archivos de programa\\Core Services\\Companion.JS\\CompanionJS.dll