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#1 2012-04-25 16:52:25

New member

IE Tester Slow to Start Up

After double-clicking the IE Tester shortcut, it takes longer than 1 minute before the main IE Tester screen appears.   (in other words, it takes more than 1 minute for IE Tester to start)

Is this normal?

Operating System: Win XP with SP3, 64-bit  (lol, this is probably the problem!)
Computer: Lenovo ThinkStation S20 (very fast, 12 core)
IETester version:  v0.4.11 (I just upgraded to the latest, but this happened with earlier versions as well)
Installed IE Version:  IE8  (oh, or could *this* be the issue?)  I'm in a corporate environment and can't upgrade.

Other than it taking a painfully long time to load, I think everything is working properly.




#2 2012-04-25 19:02:11

DebugBar Support

Re: IE Tester Slow to Start Up


That's not normal. Are you in "multi-process mode" or "multi-thread mode" ?
In multiprocess mode, the startup should be fast, like less than 2 seconds.

Maybe there is something going on with XP in 64 bits, but I don't have a machine to test. IETester is a 32 bits app, but it should not be a problem.