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#1 2013-02-15 12:22:25

New member

How to debug JavaScript

I have a javascript error on my site that only occurs in IE6.

This is not uncommon, and after getting fed up with inserting millions of alerts to track them down, (due to IE6 having useless error messages), I decided to install debugbar and ieTester to help track errors.

Thing is, i cannot see anywhere where I can do this.

I load the page in IE6 in ieTester 0.5, with debug 0.7 open, i get a popup (which is now in French even though i only installed both packages with english...), saying "error on line 13" or whatever, and then nothing.  i don't see how to track the error...

any ideas?



#2 2013-02-15 19:52:11

DebugBar Support

Re: How to debug JavaScript


If you have access to IE6 (not inside IETester but the real one), you can use Companion.JS:

I plan to integrate Companion.JS into DebugBar so you will be able to have detailled javascript info inside IETester, but it's not done yet (should be in a future DebugBar version).

Hope this helps.