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#1 2010-07-27 13:54:04

New member

What Is DebugBar For And Its Features?

DebugBar is for Internet Explorer programmers. This new tool is designed for programmers of HTML pages in Internet Explorer. It supports a large number of ways to help when running debug tool similar to Mozilla's help.

But above all this little tool allows you to easily install on a component of the DOM to be able to know the structure source code inside it.

Menu to customize the DebugBar and check updates.
Toggle the Development bar
Alert on javascript errors
Send page screenshot by email
Color picker
Resize IE window
Zoom page
View source code
View MSHTML integrated ActiveX source code
View HTML DOM Tree
View original ad interpreted source code
View tab attributes
Edit tab attributes
View HTTP and HTTPS headers
View page cookies
Validate html code for main page and frames/iframes
List all javascript functions
View javascript function code
Execute javascript code in the currently loaded page
Get information about currently loaded page



#2 2011-02-26 20:22:25

New member

Re: What Is DebugBar For And Its Features?

This is really great because it catches the JS errors and actually reports the correct line number (imagine that) and the stack trace! This really has potential to take off. I would suggest you to include a way to see the JS pages and navigate through them, as well as debugging (breakpoints) features that others mentioned above. Other good features would be HTML inspector and being able to view HTTP requests. Thanks.

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