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#1 2008-04-04 20:07:08

New member

Address / location bar

I think you should do a bit of work on the address bar:

1. It doesn't show a history of URLs you've hit, so I always have to write in localhost or anything else fully. Also, it doesn't auto-add http:// if it's not there. I often enter "localhost" and in IETester I must write out the complete "http://localhost" for it to work.

2. It would be nice to change the default page that opens to something other than the page. Loading this default page just slows the experience down, especially when I don't need a Google search box but instead am debugging my local environment.

Excellent program though!

- Mark



#2 2008-04-05 16:12:19

DebugBar Support

Re: Address / location bar


1. I know this part has to be improved. I am working on the engine in order to have the same behaviour as a real IE instance. I still have troubles with filters, transparency and java applets. I will work on IETester usability after those works.
About the "http://", it is added on my side when I am juste typing "localhost". This may be a change in the internal version that has several corrections since v0.2 and that will be launched soon.

2. Thanks for the feedback. There will be changes in the future version on this part.



#3 2008-04-07 18:00:26

New member

Re: Address / location bar

1. I figured out that you're partly right. It will auto-add the "http://" for a "real" domain, but when I enter localhost, it doesn't recognize it and doesn't add the protocol.