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#1 2010-06-16 08:25:29

New member

request: "New IE tab" setting to open actual url


now in the IETester options > General it's possible to set as Home Page "Default Home", Blank, or insert a particular URL.

It would be cool, on my opinion, to insert a new possibility: "last used URL". This would be very handy in this situation:

when testing a website with IETester and clicking on "New IE6" or "New IE7" to compare it with a different IE version, now I have to copy/paste the url of the website I was browsing.
with the option I'm suggesting, then the new tab would open the last used url, saving me the time to cut/paste the url ;-)

What do you think? It would be quite handy.

Thanks for considering to implement this.

Best regards,




#2 2010-06-20 04:55:53

DebugBar Support

Re: request: "New IE tab" setting to open actual url


you can achieve this by using the "ALL IE versions" button. You can check the IE versions you want to open, they will be saved for future use. Then, if there is already an url in the clipboard, it will automatically be copied into the text entry, so you just need to press enter and you'll have your tabs opened automatically.

Hope this helps.