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#1 2012-01-05 00:09:25

New member

bug: refresh complete (no cache) not work when using url redirect

clear cache not work if the page has url redirect

OS: windows 7 32bit
IEtester: latest version: 0.4.11
All IE version 6-9 in ietester

I have did a simple demo with form and php to do redirect
please go the below url to download the demo to recreate the problem

how to recreate problem?
1. open ietester, go to location of start-here.html such as button in start-here.html , it will call redirect.php to do a simple redirect with function header(location:), then redirect to after-redirect.html

3. if you change the content in after-redirect.html, start a new tab of ietester,
go to start-here.html, click ietester button ->refresh->refresh complete(no cache), then run this page.
it still redirect to old after-redirect.html, you won't see the new content update in it.

so,clear cache not work if the page has url redirect

note:attemted to reinstall ietester, same result
attempted to install ietester in different directory,same result

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