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#1 2012-08-08 07:43:54

New member

Font-Family, Font-size problem (debugbar 6.x)

OS : Windows 7 x64 Enterprise - English
Debugbar : 6.3 (but 6 series has this problem too.)
Int. Explorer : 9 (but 8 has it too.)

I tried it with/without Comp. View.

The problem is if you select any element on any page and look comp. style, im seeing font-family and font-size like this;

font-family: Thread-00002148-Id-00000000;
font-size: 240;

I saw this problem on every debugbar v6 series. Can you fix this? I think the main problem is font tag. (font-*)

Thanks so much,

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#2 2012-08-08 15:06:54

DebugBar Support

Re: Font-Family, Font-size problem (debugbar 6.x)


I know about the "font-size" problem, but for the font-family, I can't reproduce it.

Are you using IETester or your installed IE ? Can you provide a sample page and a sample selected element to reproduce the bug?




#3 2012-10-17 06:21:19

New member

Re: Font-Family, Font-size problem (debugbar 6.x)

Hi fabrice,

Sorry for delay. I saw your post now. I'm trying on my installed ie, not ietester. I cant provide sample page but you can test it on ( and google web font page ( I installed new version but it didnt fix this.