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#1 2013-08-28 13:46:49

New member

IETester IE8 renders form elements differently on XP and Win7

Not sure if it's related to this issue (probably not), but I noticed a difference with form elements between IE8 on XP and IE8 in IETester on Win7 I'm not sure if it's a bug or 'by design'...

You can go to any page that displays unstyled form elements, such as … ple-3.html

I think it's because IE8 uses Windows' rendering engine for these fields - so they look differently depending on which version of Windows IETester is running...  Since IE8 is used on XP, I can't use IETester on Win7 to really see how my site would look on XP.

I just installed IETester on my XP machine, and the site mentioned above is indeed rendered the same in IE8 and IETester IE8, so it's definitely related to Windows' version.

Bruno G.

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 / IE10
IETester 0.5.2 / IE8 tab

Windows XP SP3 / IE8
IETester 0.5.2 / IE8 tab

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