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#1 2013-09-05 16:12:55

New member

No License sent after payment for "DebugBar Single User License"

Core Services,

I have not received my license code for a "DebugBar Single User License"

Please see my Paypal receipt below on my payment method and date.

I will need raise a 'open dispute' with Paypal shortly - unless I hear from your team!


Paypal: 6 Sep 2013 00:49:25 ACST
Transaction ID: 3DX349047V277594D

You sent a payment of €59.00 EUR to Core Services ( 

Core Services
+33 954556767 Instructions to merchant
You haven't entered any instructions.
Shipping address
Peter Bowey
69 Sutherland Ave, Hayborough
Victor Harbor, South Australia 5211

Postage details

The seller hasn’t provided any shipping details yet.
Description Unit price Qty Amount
DebugBar Single User License
€59.00 EUR 1 €5900 EUR
Subtotal €59.00 EUR
Total €59.00 EUR
Payment €59.00 EUR
Payment sent to 

From amount $88.77 AUD
To amount €59.00 EUR
Exchange rate: 1 AUD = 0.664668 EUR

Issues with this transaction?
You have 45 days from the date of your PayPal payment to open a dispute for eligible transactions in our Resolution Centre. Learn about Buyer Protection

Please look into this 'error' as I will be raising a issue with Paypal - within 15 hours,
unless I hear from the Core Services Support Team.

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#2 2013-09-05 20:01:48

DebugBar Support

Re: No License sent after payment for "DebugBar Single User License"


You should have received the license codes on a specific email. I am BCCed on the emails and I correctly received your email.
Maybe it is marked as spam.

To retrieve your license code anytime, you can use the following url :

and use the email used for payment.

Anyway, if it still does not work, do not hesitate to contact me back and I will send you the license codes directly from my personal email.




#3 2013-10-08 15:38:05

New member

Re: No License sent after payment for "DebugBar Single User License"

I have the exact same problem, and I triple checked that the email was not trapped in the junk or spam folders.

Your invoice number is 1771.
Paypal: 8. Oct 2013 12:10:50 GMT+01:00
            Transaction ID: 1KW54213L55358515

Since I am not getting any replies to my emails, I shall also raise this as a PayPal issue if I do not hear back from the Core Services Support Team tomorrow by 12:00 GMT




#4 2013-10-08 18:38:46

New member

Re: No License sent after payment for "DebugBar Single User License"

Received by separate email sent manually, with thanks.

I recommend you check what is wrong with your automated email system. I am positive that it never made it to my spam filter.