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#1 2013-11-23 03:42:53

New member

IE8,IE7 Tabs of IE TESTER NOT WORKING-Only Show Blanks

I have been a long time user of IE Tester and recently upgraded to v0.5.2

Now when I run the application and click on IE8 OR IE7 Tabs and type in ANY url, the PAGE REMAINS BLANK WHITE and nothing comes up.... I also noticed that Both IE8 and IE7 Tabs of IE TESTER don't even load he default page of
It REMAINS BLANK and displays about:blank in the Tabs Title Bar.

I have never had this kind of trouble with I.E. Tester... it has been my favorite testing tool for years with NO PROBLEMS and NOW.... IE8 and IE7 Tabs are the only tabs that do not work or load the default page when activated...

What has happened? I've also tried re-installing and still the same problems.

What are my options? What should I do? Can I re-install a previous version?
PLEASE Advise.

Note My system is a Windows 7 version and have used I.E. Tester for years with NO PROBLEMS...

Please advise so that I can get full use of this wonderful tool.... thanks



#2 2013-11-23 09:19:03

DebugBar Support

Re: IE8,IE7 Tabs of IE TESTER NOT WORKING-Only Show Blanks


You can download any previous IETester version from this page: