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#1 2011-11-15 14:01:37

CJ Dennis
New member

Can't type in <input> fields, IE5.5, IE6 & IE7


I can't type in any <input> fields using IE<8. To test simply try the default IETester homepage!:

Works fine in IE8+.

System: Window 7 Pro 64bit
IETester version: 0.4.11
Plugin: DebugBar v5.4.1
Default installed IE version: 9

I tried reinstalling it but no difference. I have a colleague with the same setup but without DebugBar and it works for him. I uninstalled DebugBar to test it on my system and it still doesn't work.


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#2 2012-06-13 15:41:14

New member

Re: Can't type in <input> fields, IE5.5, IE6 & IE7

I'm having the same issue described above.

os version - windows 7 enterprise 64 bit service pack1
ietester version - 0.4.11
ie tab - ie 5.5 - ie6 - ie7
test case - ietester google landing page

tryed downgrade the ietester version, the issue remains the same

my personal laptop has

os version - windows 7 ultimate 32bit
ietester version - 0.4.11

and i do not have this issue




#3 2013-02-04 19:18:20

New member

Re: Can't type in <input> fields, IE5.5, IE6 & IE7

This problem still persists today in IETester version 0.4.12

OS: Windsor 7 Professional - Service Pack 1 (64-bit OS)
IETester Version: 0.4.12
IE Tab: IE5, IE6, IE7. Works in IE8, IE9
Test URL: (try to type in the google search input)
Reproduction: Open IETester, open IE7 tab, try to type in google search input

Is anyone looking into this?



#4 2013-02-05 07:08:47

DebugBar Support

Re: Can't type in <input> fields, IE5.5, IE6 & IE7

Unfortunately, I can't reproduce this problem, and there is no problem for sure to enter text into an input field.

Can you check what are the IE add-ons you have installed, and see if one of them is conflicting with IETester ?




#5 2013-08-19 16:57:18

New member

Re: Can't type in <input> fields, IE5.5, IE6 & IE7

Just wanted to point out I am having the same issue and am also running a 64-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate. The common denominator between non-working instances seems to be 64 vs. 32-bit OS. I just wanted to point that out. Thanks!