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:: HTTP Tab ::

This tab will display all the http requests between IE and the web server. The requests are grouped by page, with special icons for AJAX requests and time/cache information for each request.

The request entry color in the tree has the following meaning :

  • Black entries : Normal requests. IE sent a request to the web server and server headers and data from the server were sent
  • colored entries : 304 not modified requests. Ie sent a request to the web server which sent back only headers with "Not Modified" info (no data)
  • gray entries : Cached requests. No request has been made by IE. The data is retrieved directly from IE cache.

By selecting a request in the requests tree, data corresponding to the selected button will be displayed :

  • Headers : Display headers sent and received by IE, as well as POST data if the request is from an HTML form.
  • Content : When the data is text, it will display source code (html, javascript, css, xml, etc...)
  • Timing : Gives info about request time, connection time, dns resolution time
  • Info & Cache : Gives info about request size and cache info

Icon legend

  • : Parsing Post Data (before sending the request)
  • : Connecting to the server
  • : Waiting and downloading data from server
  • : Redirect request (301)
  • : HTML document received
  • : Javascript document received
  • : CSS document received
  • : Flash document received
  • : Image received
  • : Video received
  • : Plain text document received
  • : Unknown document type received
  • : Request with errors
  • : Unauthorized request returned by server (401)
  • : AJAX request
  • : AJAX request with errors
  • : XML document received
  • : XSL document received


  • When IE7Pro or Google Gears Helper are installed, the HTTP(S) tab may not work anymore. This is due to a conflict between those add-on. They are using the same API to hook the headers and overwrite each-other.